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Eastside Timber & Property Development
Serving Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, the entire Eastside and Snohomish County!

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Serving Redmond, Bellevue, Kirkland, the entire Eastside, and Snohomish county!

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Dangerous Tree Topping

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Eastside Timber & Property Development - Tree Topping
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Eastside Timber & Property Development - Tree Removal

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Eastside Timber & Property Development - Land Clearing

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Eastside Timber did an excellent job for us, cutting some trees and shrubs and grinding their stumps. They responded quickly to our email, were able to come out and give us a quote very soon after. Their prices are very reasonable. They came to do the job as scheduled, and we were happy with the work and the whole process. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Jason Z – google review

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Storm Work Specialists!

People from all over the country and the world flock here to the Pacific Northwest for our beautiful Summer’s and mild Winters. But even the typical mild Winters we have are not without their share of storms. Our area gets typically between 1- 5 windstorms per year that snap limbs and treetops and even topple whole trees. Occasionally we also get snow and ice that can devastate taller shrubs, break off large sections of maples and cottonwoods and snap limbs off of our beautiful evergreens.

Unfortunately, because we have so many trees that are often in a confined area close to our homes, fences and landscape features, every year hundreds of trees and limbs wind up damaging our homes and/or these expensive improvements. Thousands more wind up littering our yards. If you find yourself one morning for example, with your favorite beautiful Fir tree now laying on your roof, you need a crew of professionals to do the removal safely and without causing further damage.

Calling Eastside Timber & Property Development should be your first move. When the storms hit, we are available 24/7 to discuss your options. We also understand how the insurance claims process works and in some cases the amount of money they allow to put towards various parts of the recovery process. Once we arrive with our crew at your site, you can rest assured that soon the tree or other debris will be safely removed without causing further damage and ready for other needed repairs to begin. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to do this work whatever it may entail, including the use of a crane when necessary. We are also willing to assist you with filing your claim with your insurance company.

Make sure you bookmark our website on your mobile phone so that you can reach out to us immediately even if the power in your area is out. We hope your home and property survive this storm season and every storm season to follow, but if not, you can rest assured we are here and ready to assist you whatever your needs may be!

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Dangerous Tree Cutting
Eastside Timber & Property Development - Removing Storm Damaged Trees
Eastside Timber & Property Development - Land Clearing Crew
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About Us

“Who We Are”

Eastside Timber is a full service tree/land clearing, timber service company serving the Eastside and Greater Seattle area since 2013.

In a competitive marketplace like today, you will find many of our large competitors selling on price—and that alone. We are different. Our focus is on building lasting partnerships with our residential and commercial customers; we look to be productive, timely, and professional. In doing so, we have become an expert in the industry. We offer what we feel is the best value possible to our customers through a combination of excellent service, tremendous resources, and competitive price. We offer cost-effective solutions and better values by eliminating virtually all frills. We focus on the end-user.

Eastside Timber & Property Development is a local company that started small, with ambitious goals. We were established 5 years ago in Redmond, Washington. We began with two employees and minimal equipment. Today, we have evolved into an LLC with a fleet of several large specialized trucks, front-loaders, excavators, chippers, and a vast array of other resources and machinery at our disposal.

Additionally, our crew has a combined 70+ years of experience and expertise in the timber cutting, tree service and forestry field.

We hope that at the end of the day, you will see the benefits of using a family owned and local company. Eastside Timber & Property Development can offer reliability and the technical skills that you will not find at our competitors—all the while being cost effective. You will get the personalized, professional services that you need—while “giving local.”

Licened – Bonded – Insured

Permit Service

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Permit ProcessingOne of the things that’s often overlooked once you’ve decided to remove or trim one of your trees is whether or not you need a permit. Every city and unincorporated part of each county has its own rules regarding tree removal. In some areas it is a very simple process, in others it can be arduous. Rules are often not updated online in a timely way, so you may visit your city’s website and think a permit is not required only to find out later that it was and you are responsible for obtaining the permit retroactively, along with the monetary penalties that may come with it. In some cities, once you have removed the trees you wish to, they will require you to replant young trees in their place. The size of the tree can also be a factor, as can the species.

One of the most often overlooked aspects of obtaining a permit is whether or not the tree to be removed or trimmed is near what is referred to as a “critical area”. Typical critical areas include but are not limited to steep slopes, creeks, streams, rivers and lakes, and wetlands which may just appear to be ground that gets mushy in the rainy season. The definition of a critical area can vary between legal jurisdictions along with what are known as buffers that extend beyond the edge of, for example, the steep slope, wetland, stream or creek.

At Eastside Timber and Property Development we have worked with every city and unincorporated area of the counties we serve. We know the “ins and outs” of the myriad of regulations that apply and often the individual personnel that issue the permits and interpret those regulations. When you call for a free estimate and we arrive at you are site, we will discuss with you the permitting process so that you know what to expect. In most cases, we will even do the paperwork and file for the permit on your behalf at no additional charge.

So before you try to wade through the city websites and wait for callbacks from City Hall, call Eastside Timber & Property Development first to set up a free consultation and let us save you the headache so that you can spend your time the way you want to.

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We had a large branch fall and then get caught in our maple tree in the last snowstorm. It was hanging in such a way that it could eventually fall on either our house or our neighbors’. I called a well-rated tree service who came right away and quoted me an incredibly high price to remove the branch. The next morning, I called another tree service recommended by a friend and was told he’d come that afternoon or the next day to look at it. Long story short: he never came.

I called Eastside Timber & Property Management and left a message at around 2:00 on a Friday and explained the situation. Within an hour, Brian called and asked me to send a few photos of the tree/branch. Once I did, he told me he’d call me back with a quote, which he did, AND IT WAS INCREDIBLY REASONABLE, unlike the quote I got from the first company. A guy came the next morning, on a Saturday, and took care of the branch for us within about an hour.

Great service, super responsive, reasonable pricing. I will hire them again.

Julie M., Seattle, WA (Yelp review)

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