Residential Logging

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Log LoadingEvery company has what is called it’s “core competency”, “specialty” or some might say “wheelhouse”. It is the part of the industry they serve that they are the best at and most suited for. Here at Eastside Timber & Property Development, ours is what most people refer to as “Residential Logging”.

Although we are outstanding in all areas of our industry, from conventional logging and land clearing to tree pruning and maintenance, it is the combination of our logging expertise, specialized equipment and mastery of tree removal techniques in tight spaces that lets us stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Simply put, residential logging is recovering the log value of standing timber in residential settings so as to offset the cost of the project. We remove the trees in log form and ship them to a local sawmill that will buy the logs. To do this requires specialized equipment that can operate in residential spaces that conventional logging equipment is too large to use, along with the personnel and expertise to get the trees on the ground safely either through felling(falling a tree whole) or using a tree climber to ascend the tree and remove it in sections short enough to not threaten structures but long enough to have value to a sawmill that buys them to produce lumber.

In these cases, how to remove each tree is a judgement call, and we bring decades of combined experience to make the right call with each tree. To make residential logging worthwhile, it typically takes 5-10 “full size” trees of a marketable species, typically Douglas Fir, Hemlock and especially Western Red Cedar. Other species may be suitable, such as larger, straight trunked Maple and Red Alder, but these scenarios are rare. A “full size” tree is typically over 100’ tall and has a trunk diameter of greater than 20” at 4.5 feet off the ground, which is referred to as “DBH” or “Diameter at Breast Height”.

Once the logs are on the ground, we use our equipment to move them to a space where they can be loaded onto one of our fleet of log hauling trucks or call for a 3rd party “self-hauler” that can load them independent of other equipment and take them to the appropriate sawmill for sale.

Not all sawmills pay the same for the logs and/or accept all species, so knowledge of the mills themselves, the timber market in general and the price fluctuations within the market is key to getting the best price for the smaller quantities of timber that come from residential settings. Once again this is where our experience translates into tangible savings to you as the landowner, because we will make sure the logs go where they will command the highest price return.

Because obtaining value from your trees requires recovering them in longer lengths in order to be saleable, and because in most cases the limits in the size of typical residential property usually precludes falling trees whole, you should only trust a company with a proven track record of safe and profitable residential logging projects to recover your timber. Eastside Timber & Property Development is the right company for you in these cases. We are Licensed, Bonded and Insured for your protection and we will make sure the most value possible is recovered from your timber.

To find out if your project is a suitable candidate for residential logging, give is a call today, 425-269-4279, to schedule a free consultation. When we arrive we will carefully go over your goals for your property with you, discuss the impacts of the residential logging process, inform you about any permits that may be needed and give you an estimation of the value of your timber. Once you decide on the scope of work that best suits your goals, we will provide a free competitive quote for your project and work closely with you throughout the process from permitting to receiving a check for your timber from the sawmill. The only way to know for sure if residential logging is right for you is to schedule a free consultation by calling us today!


Commercial/Multi Family/Construction

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Clearing Dangerous TreesAs a commercial or multi-family property owner or manager, or construction company project manager, you deal with contractors regularly, so we can get right to the point.

Projects such as yours are our top priority. Building lasting relationships with professionals in your position by consistently delivering quality work, reliability and price point is our main strategic goal for our business. We understand deadlines, scope changes, permit issues and the myriad other hurdles and complications that can accompany such projects.

We have a long and ever-growing list of repeat clients who can attest that we will do whatever it takes to do our part in meeting your deadlines and within your budget. We work with you from start to finish, be it helping you develop a cost-effective scope of work when needed, preparing quotes for our portion of your project so you can submit your proposal, identifying additional permit requirements that may apply stemming from land clearing, logging, tree trimming, removals, stump removal, etc. Once the scope of work is established, we provide you with a quote and work with you to as much as possible to be the most cost-effective solution.

Commercial clients always have top priority in scheduling and if your project has a change in deadline, we will make every attempt to move our residential clients to other times, as most residential projects are not time sensitive. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured, always maintain current L&I coverage and workplace compliance and are able to secure bid and performance bonds and meet additional insurance requirements as necessary.

To see our full range of capabilities, please take a moment to look around this site, our equipment, gallery and reviews and then give us a call today to discuss your project!

Tree Removal

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Storm DamageWe all love our trees. It’s such a big part of what makes living here in the Great Northwest so special. Occasionally however, a tree overgrows its’ space and threatens your property or otherwise becomes unsafe. As much as you hate to see it go, you feel as though it has to.

The first step when you have a concern like this is to call Eastside Timber & Property Development, 425-269-4279, and schedule a free consultation. When we arrive at your home, we will carefully go over your concerns with you and give you as many viable options as possible.

Sometimes, the tree can be trimmed in such a way that you feel more secure in keeping it. However, if it does need to be removed, we will provide you with a competitive quote to do the work from start to finish, including obtaining the permit on your behalf if needed.

We also can provide stump grinding if you want to return the space to lawn or replant another tree or shrub. Using our specialized equipment, we can usually do the job faster and more efficiently than our competitors and pass the savings from that efficiency on to you.

Whatever the scenario, you can count on us to do the job quickly, professionally and above all safely. As a licensed, bonded and insured WA State Contractor, you will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are retaining a team of true professionals who care about your property and safety to do your project. In the end your property will be completely cleaned up and ready for you to fully enjoy. So, take that first step and call for a free quote today!


Crane Removal

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Removing Dangerous TreesAt times, the location of a tree makes it impossible, cost prohibitive or exceptionally dangerous to remove or trim through climbing or other conventional means. Also, when trees have fallen or been blown over and are resting on a home or other structure, it may be highly unlikely they can be removed without causing further damage.

In these cases, using a crane is often a viable or even the only option. We have performed hundreds of these projects working with our partner crane service, developing a working relationship that is essential to safely perform this work. There are unfortunately many examples of other companies that have attempted these operations without the training, experience, history and intuitive connection between crew and operator that can only be developed over time. The results are sometimes tragic, and you may have seen or heard news reports over the years about the resulting property damage, workplace injuries or sadly even fatalities that have resulted.

You owe it to yourself and your peace of mind to only hire a company with a proven track record of safety and competence for these operations. Before you decide to use anyone else, please call Eastside Timber & Property Development. We will look the project over, discuss your goals, and do a thorough risk assessment to make sure all aspects of the project from crane positioning, aerial hazards, landing and staging areas, street use, utilities, permits and time requirements are taken into account to provide you with a safe plan and competitive quote.

We are fully licensed, bonded and insured for these projects and we maintain L&I workers compensation for all personnel and equipment used. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us today!

Tight Quarters Removal

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Dangerous Tree RemovalSometimes a tree just outgrows the available space in your yard. It might be encroaching on your home, play area, landscaping, outbuilding or other structure. It may be that large limbs are right over your roof, or the tree itself has grown so much that the trunk is actually touching your house. It may be getting close to power lines, have roots that are impacting your driveway or foundation or threatening or encroaching on your neighbor’s property. This happens all the time. You may look up and wonder how can anyone be able to remove this huge tree or limbs without damaging my home or property?

In our industry, these scenarios are called tight quarters trimming or removal. Large or heavy limbs and even sections of trunk can be rigged using ropes in such a way that they can be cut and safely lowered into a very small space, sometimes as small as the diameter of a hula hoop. If there is a dirt, gravel, or other suitable ground near the base of the tree, an expert climber, even from over a hundred feet in the air, can land small sections, as small is 16 in. or less in some cases, into that same hula hoop size area every time. It takes years to develop the skills necessary to consistently do this safely. At Eastside Timber & Property Development, our expert climbers do this on an almost daily basis, having completed thousands of such jobs safely and cost-effectively.

So when you look at the tree you want trimmed or removed and ask yourself “how can this be done”, your first step should be to call Eastside Timber and Property Development and schedule a free consultation.

When we arrive, we will go over step by step exactly how it needs to be done and what you can expect and provide you with a competitive quote to accomplish your goals. Tight quarters removals are by their nature dangerous operations for both personnel and property and you should never entrust these projects to any company that doesn’t have a long and proven track record of safe and efficient work.

We are also of course fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Before you decide to use anyone else for your project look around our site, particularly the gallery and testimonials, and then give us a call today to schedule a free consultation!


Land Clearing and Excavation

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Tree Chipping

Whether you are clearing a small stand of timber, an entire lot, acreage, or just a few trees to make room for a garden, Eastside Timber & Property Development is here to assist you in all phases of your project from start to finish.

We can obtain or assist you in filing the proper applications for permits and Forest Practices Applications that are sometimes required from the state as well as let you know if the trees on your property can be sold to a sawmill as timber to help you recover some of the cost of your project.

We can safely remove the trees and or timber regardless of the available space, remove and dispose of all the debris, remove the stumps by grinding them or removing them whole, and leave you with a clean site that is ready for the next step of your project. We can also prepare and perform the excavation of your home site. We have a proven track record of doing this cost-effectively, professionally, and safely.

Whether it’s a 5000 square foot wooded lot or five acres of standing Timber that needs to be completely cleared, we can take your land and prepare it for landscape installation or further construction. Our quotes are competitive, and all of our work is performed in a timely and professional manner. We are also fully licensed, bonded and insured for your protection. We are eager to hear from you to discuss your project and goals, so reach out and give us a call today!

Tree Pruning and Maintenance

Eastside Timber & Property Development  - Tree Limb Removal

Northwest climate is ideal for the rapid growth of trees. In urban and suburban environments here on the Eastside, fast growing tree limbs begin to sag or otherwise encroach on our homes, shops, play areas, other outbuildings or obscure the scenery from the beautiful views that our homes and yards provide.

Our climate also occasionally produces a windstorm or a healthy dose of ice and/or snow that snaps limbs and leaves them “hung up” in the tree itself, threatening our property and the safety of you and your family. When this happens, you need professional advice and qualified personnel to reduce or remove these hazards safely without harming the tree or destroying its’ natural beauty. The key here is that all pruning be done according to ANSI A300 standards to ensure the health, safety and healing ability of the tree.

When you notice one of these concerns, the first step is to call Eastside Timber & Property Development and schedule a free consultation. When we arrive, we will go over your concerns and goals with you and provide as many viable options as possible, along with a free competitive quote to perform the work. Whether it is reducing a hazard, restoring the trees balance or other aesthetics, or restoring that view of the city skyline, water, or sunset, you can count on us to do the job in quickly, professionally and above all safely.

As a licensed, bonded and insured WA State Contractor, you will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are retaining a team of true professionals who care about your property and safety to do your project. In the end your property will be completely cleaned up and ready for you to fully enjoy. So, take that first step and call for a free quote today!


Stump Grinding

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Tree Stump Removal

One of the things that needs to be decided when considering having one of your trees removed is what to do with the stump. We cut the stump as low as possible, but it is almost never flush with the ground and the roots below ground remain as well. The most cost-effective way to deal with a stump is to have it ground out.

We have the right tool for that job! Our stump grinder can grind even the largest size stump into finely ground mulch that can then be spread anywhere, including gardens and other planting areas, to return nutrients to the soil or remain in place to decompose naturally. This approach is usually less than 5% of the cost of bringing in equipment to dig the stump out, hauling it to a disposal site, and paying the dump fee. Our tracked stump grinder can reach hard to access stumps that standard wheeled varieties cannot, yet can fit through a standard 36” gate.

So, whether you want to get rid of the stump from a tree we just removed, or unsightly stumps cut long ago, call Eastside Timber & Property Development today to discuss what we can do to make your stumps disappear!


Free Wood Chips

Eastside Timber & Property Development - Tree Chipping


Got chips? One of the byproducts of tree trimming and removal is wood chips that are excellent for mulch and ground cover to reduce or eliminate weed growth. They are also a less expensive, yet effective alternative to beauty bark in many cases.

As an environmentally conscious corporate neighbor, Eastside Timber & Property Development goes the extra mile to ensure that no part of the trees that we trim or remove goes to waste. As a courtesy to the community that we serve, we offer loads of wood chips for free to the public. In almost all cases we also deliver these chips to your home or other site for free as they become available. Once you have contacted us and we have all the relevant information, we will put you on our list and deliver you the next available load on a first-come first-serve basis when we are working in or near your area. Please know that this could take several weeks as we have a large service area. To get on our list please use the request form on our contact page or email our owner Derek at

Happy Gardening