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Eastside Timber & Property Development - Log Loader & Crew
Eastside Timber & Property Development

Eastside Timber is a full service tree/land clearing company serving the Eastside and Greater Seattle area since 2013.

In a competitive marketplace like today, you will find many of our large competitors selling on price—and that alone. We are different. Our focus is on building lasting partnerships with our residential and commercial customers; we look to be productive, timely, and professional. In doing so, we have become an expert in the industry. We offer what we feel is the best value possible to our customers through a combination of excellent service, tremendous resources, and competitive price. We offer cost-effective solutions and better values by eliminating virtually all frills. We focus on the end-user.

Eastside Timber & Property Development is a local company that started small, with ambitious goals. We were established 5 years ago in Redmond, Washington. We began with two employees and minimal equipment. Today, we have evolved into an LLC with a fleet of several large specialized trucks, front-loaders, excavators, chippers, and a vast array of other resources and machinery at our disposal.

Additionally, our crew has a combined 70+ years of experience and expertise in the forestry field.

We hope that at the end of the day, you will see the benefits of using a family owned and local company. Eastside Timber & Property Development can offer reliability and the technical skills that you will not find at our competitors—all the while being cost effective. You will get the personalized, professional services that you need—while “giving local.”